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Our diversified conglomerate in Lagos

Pacific Holdings Limited is a diversified conglomerate in Lagos, Nigeria with an exceptional reputation for ethical, progressive, and global business best practices. From its humble beginnings in December 1983 as a single business operation, Pacific Holdings has successfully expanded its scope of business across industries including Banking (Pacific Merchant Bank), Education, Civil Engineering, Energy & Power Generation, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Trading, Freight Services, Gas, and Real Estate. The company is proud of its unique history and extraordinary growth over the years, which has further cemented its place amongst Nigeria’s most accomplished and esteemed privately held multi-sectoral businesses. With its extraordinary passion for contributing to the corporate and social development of Nigeria, the company with its staff strength of over 2000 employees, continues to explore business opportunities which are critical to life and living in the country. This is evident in its successful participation and phenomenal achievement as a major player in the Nigeria Power sector, through the acquisition of two (2) of the most important and strategic power generation plants (also ranked amongst the best performing facilities) in the country presently.


On the 13th of December 1983, the Vision of the Pacific Group of Companies was birthed through the establishment of Pacific Drilling Company, a limited liability company which specialized in geophysical surveys, the drilling of boreholes and delivery of water treatment services. By 1990, Pacific had added 3 more businesses to its rapidly growing portfolio of companies and successfully transitioned from being a single business into an emerging conglomerate. In the anticipation of its growth trajectory and positioning for the future, Pacific Holdings Limited was incorporated on the 28th of December 1990 with the primary purpose of grouping all business concerns under one umbrella. Today, having restructured and streamlined its portfolio of companies as part of its long-term strategy, Pacific Holdings currently consists of two major entities with interests in Freight Services and Energy/Power Generation sectors.