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Corporate Profile of Olorunsogo Power Plant

Registered Address: KM 14 Papalanto Sagamu Road, Ifo Local Government Ogun State

Date of Incorporation: 1st November 2013

General Profile

Pacific Energy Olorunsogo Power Plant Phase 1 is in Ogun State Nigeria with the following geographical coordinates: Latitude = 6.8855185; Longitude = 3.3478358. The Olorunsogo Power Generation Station operates on open cycle gas turbine using natural gas as its fuel source. The Power Project was officially commissioned on 27th May 2007 under the defunct Power Holding Company Nigeria (PHCN). 

Pacific Energy Company Limited acquired and took over Olorunsogo Power Generation Plant on 3rd March 2014. The station has eight (8) GE frame 6B (model -PG6581B) machines manufactured by Nanjing Turbine under GE license. The machines net capacity at site conditions is 304MW(AMBIENT). Post privatization, availability rose from two (2) units to eight (8) units following massive investment on Combustion Inspections (CI), Hot Gas Path Inspections (HGPI), Major Inspection (MI), enhanced spare parts inventory levels and balance of plant. The company has fifteen departments with robust manpower resource.

Endorsement & Recognition

Olorunsogo Power Generation Plant in 2017 was rated the best power plant in terms of availability in Nigeria based on Nigeria Electricity Power Supply (NESI) rating