Pacific Freightliners Limited

Pacific Freightliners Limited was incorporated on the 24th of March 1993. The company’s corporate objectives at its inception were and continue to be the provision of prompt and efficient cargo freight services to organizations at competitive prices and terms. The company commenced business operation in its year of incorporation with an initial fleet of 50 Flatbed trailers/trucks.

During the first six months of operation, the company was able to gain a foothold in the freight haulage market as it secured profitable freight haulage contracts from prominent companies including the likes of Saima Nigeria Limited, Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, and many more. The company operates from its base in Lagos while it freights cargo to various destinations across the country. The company maintains its competitive edge with its highly experienced and dedicated members of staff. Well, instituted its corporate fabric is the exceptional maintenance culture entrenched at its service/repair workshop center located in Oregun, Lagos. This allows for an efficient and effective timely based delivery for its varying array of clients.

In line with the company’s’ aggressive pursuit of increasing its market share and positioning itself as a major player in the freight haulage sector, the company has expanded its fleet through the additional acquisition of 250 flatbed trailers/trucks and increased staff strength thereby making it a formidable business concern and an important entity in Pacific Holdings’ portfolio till date.