Performance Report

Omotosho Phase I Power Plant (Omotosho Electric Energy Co. Ltd) is an electricity generation business sited at Omotosho Forest Reserve, Okitipupa Local Government, Ondo State, Nigeria.

The Power Plant was commissioned on Tuesday, April 17, 2007 by The Federal Government of Nigeria and privatized on Friday, November 1, 2013 to Pacific Energy Company Limited.

Omotosho Phase I Power Plant is an open cycle gas turbine power plant with a capacity of 335MW (ISO)/ 304MW (Ambient) consisting of 8 GE Frame 6 Gas Turbines.

The performance summary portrays our growth over the years since privatization.  Realistic strategies were put in place to rehabilitate the degraded plant; a lot of resources were exhausted to bring the units up to installed capacity.


The above graph illustrates the power generation from takeover (Nov 2013) to date.  Our goal is to operate at 100% of the installed capacity of 304MW to the national grid. The low generation in show above in some months is due to Gas limitation and Grid Instability.

As at take over, only 3 units were available and generating an average generation of 50.26MW. As at September 2015 we have 8 available units with installed capacity of 304MW and generating 275MW to the national grid. In December, 2015 we were able to run the 8 units continuously from 22nd through 31st   thus achieving a peak load of 307MW on 22nd December at 06:00hrs.


From recruiting highly skilled technical (O&M) & administrative staff, procurement of capital spare parts, major repairs of turbine parts to rehabilitation of the plant environment, staff welfare etc.

We have been able to achieve 100% of our installed capacity in comparison to 25% at take over.


Note: The disparity in the graph is due to the following reasons

  • Inherited degraded equipments (Aged machines and obsolete plant components)
  • Gas Supply Limitation
  • Incessant load reduction demand by NCC
  • Grid instability.
  • Planned Outages for preventive, predictive and routine maintenance.

General Plant Constraints

  • Revenue remittance – Delayed payment of invoice amount by the Market Operator/NBET.
  • In addition to the delay of payment by both MO and NBET, huge amounts running into Billions of Naira is being owed the plants, which if not paid without further delay will affect the performance of the Power Plant.
  • Grid Instability
  • Gas Supply Limitation